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2022 Flag Day

Our neighborhood had a wonderful time celebrating Flag Day in June 2022. Check out some of our great photos from neighbors who came out in to celebrate, learn, and have a fun BBQ!

Did you know Sacramento has a city flag? Designed in 1989, white represents the city’s virtue, strength, and bright future. The two blue sections represent the city’s rivers (the Sacramento and the American), green stands for the agricultural heritage, and the gold color represents the gold miners so important in the history of California and of Sacramento, the center of the Gold Country and the 1849 Gold Rush.

The flag before that was designed in 1964 to celebrate the city's 125 year anniversary and depicts a locomotive commemorating Sacramento as the terminus of the nation’s first transcontinental railroad; a Pony Express rider on horseback marking Sacramento’s role as the western terminus of the Pony Express; the state capitol dome, denoting Sacramento as the state’s capital; a red camellia flower; and a bearded miner, kneeling by a stream, panning for gold, and symbolizing the discovery of gold in California.

Can't wait to see what our city comes up with next!

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