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2023 Volunteer Opportunities

Want to get more involved in the Colonial Heights Neighborhood Association? Well have we got volunteer opportunities for you! If you'd like to volunteer for any of the committees below please reach out to

We have leadership, coordination team, and day of volunteer opportunities available for all of the following events:

Year-round Activities:

  • Monthly Meeting Coordination - Help up coordinate our monthly meetings by getting the agenda together, moderating meetings, taking minutes, or finding guest speakers.

  • Monthly Flyering - want to help invite your neighbors to events and meetings and get in your steps? Join our neighborhood flyering team.

  • Park Clean Up - Have an idea about how to clean and maintain our park? Let's do it! Past activities have included tree planting and mulching. We also have some murals that could use repainting.

  • Welcome Committee - Help us welcome new neighbors with a friendly hello, maybe some cookies and a conversation.

  • Street Safety Committee - Want to work on slowing traffic on our streets so that they continue to be pedestrian and bike friendly? This would be a great place to start having these conversations.

Seasonal Activities:

  • National Night Out - First Tuesday in August we host a party in the park to get to know neighbors, share community resources, and have a fundraising raffle.

  • Garden Tour - We are thinking about hosting a garden tour in our neighborhood, this would include finding gardens, putting together materials, promoting the event, and volunteering day of.

  • Porch Fest - We'd love to bring more live music events to the neighborhood, help us find opportunities to book and compensate local artists.

  • Scarecrow Festival - In the fall we'd love to have our neighbors show off their creativity by building festive scarecrows! (although no-one will ever outshine the spider)

  • Halloween Committee - We'd love to host a block party that is kid friendly and centered around the park.

  • Movie Night - We'd love to host more movie events in the park this summer. Work with our local elected officials to fund and coordinate.

If you'd like to volunteer please reach out to

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