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Aggie Square Community Partnership CHNA Representative Selection Process

Updated: Jun 16

The Colonial Heights Neighborhood Association (CHNA) has been invited to appoint a representative to serve on the Aggie Square Community Partnership.  As part of the Aggie Square Community Benefits Agreement, the Aggie Square Community Partnership (ASCP) is a group that will set priorities and make recommendations for the allocation of the Aggie Square Community Fund.  


About the Aggie Square Community Fund

  • The annual funding of the Aggie Square Community Fund is generated through an assessment on the rent paid by tenants within Aggie Square. 

  • For the first three years, Wexford will provide $150,000 per year, the amount that results from fully leased buildings. In subsequent years, the amount of the community fund will be based on actual leasing.

  •  The funds will be administered through Wexford, with specific input and guidance by the ASCP. 

  • The ASCP will establish criteria and set priorities for the community fund. Initial priorities outlined in the Aggie Square Community Benefits Partnership Agreement include: Youth opportunities; Workforce development and training; Place-making, public art; Entrepreneurial support.


About the Aggie Square Community Partnership (ASCP)

  • The ASCP will have 11 members:

  • One each from five Neighborhood Associations near Aggie Square: Colonial Heights Neighborhood Association, Elmhurst Neighborhood Association, Oak Park Neighborhood Association, South Oak Park Community Association, Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association.

  • One youth member to be selected by participating neighborhood association representatives.

  • Five institutional members: UC Davis, UC Davis Health, Wexford, Aggie Square private industry tenant, education representative.

  • Each member will initially serve a three-year term as a founding member of the ASCP. This will ensure consistency during the early formation of the ASCP. The ASCP, as a body, can establish a staggered timeframe for terms if it wishes to avoid wholesale membership change occurring at term expiration. 

  • Each member will attend quarterly ASCP meetings and complete any associated communication or work required for this role. 

  • This is an unpaid position. 


The ASCP Member Selection 

CHNA will select their representatives through some type of public or organizational process. For example, a Neighborhood Organization might solicit interest from among its membership and then hold an election (either by its membership or by its board) to determine who will fill the seat on the ASCP. An Institutional Organization might select a member of its board or senior leadership to serve on the ASCP as its representative. The ASCP representative selection should be documented in organizational minutes.


If the selected representative’s involvement with CHNA changes (e.g. they move out of the neighborhood or leave the organization), the ASCP member organization can select a replacement.


CHNA Selection Criteria for ASCP Representative

The Colonial Height Neighborhood Association (CHNA) will be selecting a representative to sit on the Aggie Square Community Partnership (ASCP) for a 3-year term. This is a high-profile position, and CHNA is looking for a collaborative, engaging candidate who will represent the interests of the neighborhood with diplomacy, equity, and dedication. CHNA hopes to select a representative who is great at listening, has demonstrated advocacy and compromise skills, experience working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders, ability to work towards long term goals and shared vision, demonstrated ability to gather a diversity of community input and represent community voice towards a shared vision with other ASCP members.

You do not need to have any experience to be a candidate for this role as this is a great learning opportunity for anyone. Please review the full list of requirements and expectations prior to completing this application. 


CHNA has adopted the following selection criteria for our representative to the ASCP: 

  • Must live in Colonial Heights Neighborhood.

  • Must join the CHNA Leadership, attend at least half of the monthly CHNA meetings, and provide timely updates on ASCP actions.

  • Must participate in the CHNA in-person selection process in July 2024.

  • Must not have any personal or financial conflicts of interest.

  • Must be willing to serve 3-year ASCP term and attend required meetings and actively engage in associated communications or expectations of the role. 

  • Must represent the CHNA community in a professional and trustworthy manner. 


Applications will be accepted through June 30th. Voting will occur in-person at the July 11th CHNA meeting via ranked choice paper ballots. Candidates will each get 3-5 minutes (depending on number of candidates) to present why they should be selected. Followed by CHNA members voting and vote counting. We anticipate announcing winner at the end of the meeting and sharing with the ASCP once meeting minutes are finalized for May, June, and July. 

Thank you for your interest in representing our neighborhood in this exciting process. 

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